Berlin Highlights

Berlin Highlights

Jewish Berlin

Cold War

Royal Potsdam


Berlin's main historical attractions are suprisingly located in the Eastern part of town. Stalin had good taste when it came to choosing his piece of the pie.

Sites that could be included in a Berin highlights tour are the Brandenburger Gate where we will talk about how a city gate as royal as it might be came to symbolize the united Germany. We can visit the government quarter with its modern architecture and many memorials in the vicinity. Stroll down the unter den Linden and see the old Prussian palaces. Visit Potsdamer Platz which used to be the most busy European square back in the 1920's and has become a showcase of modern architecture. We could also drop by Gendarmenmarket with its beautiful twin churches reminding us of the classical glory of Berlin. And of course Museum Island, a Unesco world heritage, with its high density of top notch museums.

This is just a small impression of what Berlin's highlights are all about



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