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Jewish Berlin

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Jewish life in Berlin dates all the way back to the 13th century at the very least leading some historians to claim that Jews predated Germans in this formerly Slavic city.

However, the story has many twists and turns. The complex relations of Jews and Christians as well as the struggle for civil rights and recognition as individuals as well as a distinct minority would be the focus of such a tour.

We could visit the old Jewish quarter that sheltered many Eastern European Jews flowing to Berlin to find peace from persecution. For some Berlin became home. For others it was just a stop on the way to the "goldene Medina" over the atlantic ocean.

We could also visit the western part of the city were the settled German Jews lived before the Holocaus. Their commercial activities elevated the Ku'damm to the level of its Parisian counterpart, the champs Elysee. Some traces of it can still be witnessed today. It was also in the democratic Western part of the city that Jewish life took root again after the holocaust.

Last but not least, we can choose to make commemoration histoy our focus. We will trace the development of monuments and memorials over the last four generations and discover why Berlin does not have a Holocaust museum. It is one.


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