Royal Potsdam

Royal Potsdam

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Potsdam the summer residence of the kings and queens of Prussia is the perfect escape from a busy touring schedule. Since the early 18th Century the kings of Prussia laid out beautiful parks and built amazing palaces within an hour travel of their capitel Berlin. The "bridge of spies" separating Berlin from Potsdam has recently won its own acclaim.

The roccoco architecture of Friedrick the Great's Sanssouci palace and surrounding gardens will relieve you of your worries while his bombastic Neu Palais will strike fear into your heart of the invading Prussian armies.

The charming baroque city and hip dutch quarter will make you wish you could stay to hang out in its cafes or shop in the designer boutiqes. While the oriental showpieces and russian village will make you think you have been around the world in just one day.

A must visit in Potsdam is the Cecilienhof palace built by the last crown prince of Prussia during the First World War where the Potsdam Conference of the victorious allies was held in 1945. The effects of the new European borders drawn up at the conference are still very much present in the politics and conflicts of today.


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